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Back In Time Book Cover by Ken Johns

SSTTC 01 – 04

The first four books of the SSTTC series are now all together as a box set featuring the fast-paced emotional rollercoaster that is the story of the McLeods originally Lost in Time in SSTTC 01.

Back In Time Book Cover by Ken Johns

Finding Jesus

The SSTTC is desperate to keep their methods secret and avoid a disaster that would spell the end of the company. Detaining the McLeods is priority one.

Finding Jesus starts seconds after Roman Holiday ends…

Jess, Mila, and John have had enough of being chased through the ancient world and are ready to take the fight directly to the SSTTC. Their only chance to go home is to sail to Jerusalem and find the only working MCV on the planet. But first, they have to find John’s friend, Yeshua, while avoiding the posse of Roman guards and gladiators who are hunting them on the streets of Pompeii.


Back In Time Book Cover by Ken Johns

Roman Holiday

Experience 14th-century England on the trip of a Lifetime. Yeah right! Jess McLeod knows all too well the SSTTC only cares about its spotless reputation, and anyone who tarnishes it becomes a target.

Roman Holiday starts seconds after Back In Time ends…

The SSTTC have captured John McLeod and quarantined him to the year 1, and the rest of the McLeods are next.

Jess, Mila, and Sandra jump to Celtic Britain looking for John. Now they’ll have to survive the harsh winter and evade capture by the Celts, the Romans, and the SSTTC, but Jess has a nagging feeling they might not even be in the right year 1.

Back In Time Book Cover by Ken Johns

Back in Time

Experience 14th-century England on the trip of a lifetime, they said. Rated #1 in safety in the time-travel industry, they said… Had the SSTTC mentioned being on the run from a bishop set on killing her for heresy in the brochure, Jess and her family may have opted for a sunny beach resort instead.

Back In Time starts seconds after Lost In Time ends…

RCMP Constable Jess McLeod is pissed. She’s the only member of her family to return to the present after their time-travel vacation and she has a lot of questions, but the SSTTC is real short on answers. They’re sending a rescue team back to 1341 to pick up her sister and her parents, but Jess is finding it hard to trust them, and her instincts are seldom wrong.

To save her family from the SSTTC ‘rescue’ team, and the bloodthirsty bishop, Jess must find a way Back In Time, but first she’ll have to escape the freezing crypt where the SSTTC left her to die.

Lost in Time Book Cover by Ken Johns

Lost in Time

Experience authentic 14th-century England on the trip of a lifetime! Glimpse original artworks before restoration, intact castles in all their glory, and land untouched by industry in a simpler time with the SSTTC, rated #1 in safety in the time-travel industry.

Actor Mila McLeod has always been a bit rebellious. Her Dad’s a career soldier, her sister’s a cop, and her mom’s a lawyer, but Mila’s career choice has strained her relationship with her parents. In an effort to reconnect, Mila and her sister Jess decide to treat them to a new kind of family holiday with the SSTTC. That’s when the screaming starts…

It turns out people in the 14th century take exception to being treated like an ant farm. The local bishop and feudal lord mount an armed response and Mila has to prove she’s just as badass as any McLeod to save her family and get the hell out of the Middle Ages.