Lost in Time Book Cover by Ken Johns

One family's tourist experience is about to get a whole lot more authentic…

For their parents’ silver wedding anniversary, Mila and her sister treat them to the ultimate getaway. A family vacation to fourteenth-century England, courtesy of the Split-Second Time Travel Company.

But when the McLeods arrive, their medieval tour guide is nowhere in sight. They soon find themselves on the run from a band of angry knights.

When they injure her father and capture her sister, it’s up to Mila to save her family, rescue the tour guide, and get the hell out of the Middle Ages.

Back In Time Book Cover by Ken Johns

Jess McLeod is one angry cop…

She’s the only member of her family to return to the present from their time travel vacation and she has a lot of questions. But the Split-Second Time Travel Company is real short on answers.

The SSTTC is sending a rescue team to pick up her sister and her parents, but Jess is finding it hard to trust them, and her instincts are seldom wrong.

When Jess learns the truth about the SSTTC’s motives, she’ll have to find a way to go back in time and find her family before the ‘rescue’ team does.

Back In Time Book Cover by Ken Johns

The McLeod family time travel vacation goes from bad to worse.

The SSTTC wants their stolen time-tech and they’re gunning for payback too. They’ve quarantined John McLeod to the year 1, and the rest of the McLeod family is on their way there to look for him. But their search has to take a back seat when Celtic Britain’s winter reminds them, they must survive the elements.

The Celts, the Romans, and the SSTTC are closing in, and Jess McLeod must keep her family safe and still find time to search for her father. But she’s not even sure she’s in the right year 1.